Take a Forest Bath - On Us


In Japan, forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking in the forest through your senses. Our mind + body craves connection to the natural world. Yet we have never been more divorced from nature.

We want to help connect you to that awe inspired, peaceful feeling you get in nature. So Kira McCaig, our go-to Composer/Producer of relaxation music has created an amazing track that transports you to the middle of a forest - wherever you are.

Kira’s talent for easing listeners into their desired emotional state is game changing. She’s passionate about using that skill to help people tend to their headspace.

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How to Take Your Forest Bath

  1. Press play and close your eyes. Let your attention rest on the sounds of the forest

  2. Take a long, slow breath in through the nose, breathing into your lower belly

  3. Hold your breath for 1 or 2 seconds

  4. Exhale slowly through the mouth

  5. Take another breath and settle into your own comfortable breathing rhythm

  6. Listen intently, and become fully entwined with the composition.