RewireMe is an intimate and empowering psychology practice where you can take ownership of your headspace.

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We help you cut the crap and see things as they truly are. There is so much power in self-awareness. Get support, be brutally honest with yourself, and let change happen.



We help you to free yourself from unhealthy attachments and numbing dependencies. Free yourself from emotional scars and unhealthy patterns that may be driving negative behaviour.

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We give you acceptance and connection when you need it the most. Learn how to accept who you are and where you’ve been without exceptions so you can transform your life.

About Charlene

“Thank you for showing up and taking interest in building a relationship with me as your psychologist. If you've been searching for a therapeutic space where you can feel comfortable, loved and seen for the real you - we may be perfect for each other.

My vision is to create an intimate and empowering environment where you feel good about taking ownership of your headspace.

At our practice I want every thought to be given to your experience and your unique journey. I want every session to feel like fuel for your soul. Our time together will be grounded in meaning, purpose and your evolution.

Over the years, I have built strong relationships with my clients and built a practice based on the reputation of my work.

Personal growth and human optimisation is my healthy(ish) obsession. It’s a blessing to find myself in this field. Getting to help people like you shift into a higher gear is one of the greatest gifts of my life.” 


Charlene Neuhoff

Senior Psychologist

BSc Psych, MSc (Honours), PGDip Psychological Practice.


Charlene completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology, and a Master of Science majoring in Psychology with Honours. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Practice and has undertaken further training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Interventions. She is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and is also a member of the The Australian Association of Psychologists.


Charlene has worked at leading organisations such as the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, BSSNZ Corporate Psychology, Instep Limited and Waratah Medical Services. She has spent a number of years working at super clinics across NSW Australia and now makes herself available to clients like you in private practice. Charlene’s clinical experience spans working with adults, adolescents and children. Her work with adults has included work in the fields of self-esteem, mindfulness, personal development, depression, anxiety, stress, bereavement, trauma, interpersonal difficulties, life/business strategy and psychedelic integration. Charlene’s work with adolescents, and their families, has centred around behavioural issues, bullying and anxiety.

Meet The Team


Daniela Laucht

Yoga Therapist & Mindfulness Practitioner


Daniela completed extensive training to certify as a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She has undergone further studies and graduated as a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, iRest Level 1 Teacher and Chair Yoga Teacher. Daniela is currently in the role of National Management Committee Member for NSW with Yoga Australia and is a strong advocate for Yoga for Children and Teens. Moreover, she holds a Peaceful Kids Certificate, Certificate III and IV in Fitness and a Master's Degree in Education.


With neurological disorders, stress management, mental health and the therapeutic application and integration of Yoga as her major passions, her classical breath-centred approach caters for groups and individuals with various backgrounds, needs and goals. Having witnessed the healing power of this ancient practice for herself, she is fascinated by the unique story that each person writes and aims to guide every individual in order to explore ways that support, nourish and heal amidst life's challenges. Providing a respectful, safe and caring environment, Daniela brings heart, warmth, knowledge, experience and joy to her teaching.

Daniela currently works to support people managing the effects of sports injuries, Scoliosis, ADHD, Aspergers and Parkinson's. She also teaches at aged care centres, working with people living with Dementia and limited mobility. Daniela working privately with clients experiencing various health conditions, such as cancer, anxiety and depression, MS, insomnia and musculoskeletal injuries.

Estelle Taylor

Practice Manager

About Estelle

Estelle our Practice Manager is the brains and heart of our operation. She radiates sunshine down the telephone and keeps everything running smoothly. She is a trusted first point of contact, and for many, becomes a dear friend. Estelle is no stranger to suffering. Her personal battle with illness and chronic pain enables her to bring heartfelt empathy to her work.


Estelle has extensive experience working as a medical administrator. She has been part of practice management teams for companies such as Hyperbaric Health NZ, MindEco Psychology and Spineforce Australia. Working with and around her health challenges has given Estelle a passion for helping others gain more from life despite their difficulties.


James Overs

Freelance Journalist & Mental Health Commentator

About James

Following in the footsteps of self-help writers and bloggers like Mark Manson (author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***), James writes articles that not only inform readers but inspire them to be proactive and, above all, curious about the inner-workings of the mind and the state of one's mental health.


While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and History, James has come to experience struggles with mental health both first and second-hand. We think of him as somewhat of a "translator" or someone who can make sense of the science and philosophy of psychology. He often draws on his own experiences and research to translate these ideas in an easily-digestible and thought-provoking way.


Kira McCaig

Composer & Producer Meditation/Relaxation Music

About kIRA

Kira is our go-to Composer & Producer of meditation/relaxation music. Kira’s talent for easing listeners into their desired emotional state is amazing. She is passionate about using that skill to help people tend to their headspace, one track at a time.


From pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a Postgraduate Certificate in Screen Music, Kira had an exploration of stylistic practices which has now led her to augment healing music into re-imagined works

1. What can I Expect AT MY First THERAPY Session?

People often feel a rainbow of emotions leading up to their first session, and great relief once they finally get everything off their chest. You don’t need to have all your thoughts in order, or a coherent story to present at your session. Show up exactly as you are.

The first session is about diving into your world and finding out what will work best for you. Charlene will guide you through and carefully listen to your experiences and goals. Charlene’s speciality is doing all this without making you feel ‘assessed’. At the first session Charlene will also discuss the recommended type of therapy likely to produce the best outcome and if time allows, initial strategies will also be provided to start working on straight away.

Most people feel like a weight has lifted after the first session. It’s a great feeling, knowing you are confronting things head on with a skilled practitioner.


2. Can I claim MONEY BACK FOr MY sessionS?

Yes, Under Medicare or Private Insurance. You can use your medicare rebate towards couples counselling too.

The Medicare rebate for seeing a psychologist is $86.15 for 10 sessions per calendar year. We provide instant Medicare claiming so you can get your money back immediately. Talk to your GP about a referral, or come in and see one of our friendly on site GP’s before your first appointment. Private health insurance rebates are available from most providers.


3. how many THERAPY sessions do I NEED?

Everyones situation + self are very unique, so its difficult to say how many sessions you will be need without meeting you first. 

That said, some people benefit from short-term therapy (6 to 12 sessions) while others will find forming a lasting connection with a psychologist more helpful. Weekly sessions are recommended initially if you are feeling very distressed, and as you start to feel better, sessions can be held fortnightly or monthly. 

If time or financial investment are a concern we can work together using a brief solution focussed approach. This is where our work is broken into stages where you focus on one set of goals, for example improving sleep and anxiety levels, and leave the rest for later.


Give us a call, email, or book your first appointment with us online here. We’ll walk you through everything else from there on out.

If you are planning to take advantage of the Medicare Rebate or Private Insurance just let us know at the time of booking and we can help you organise it.

We can explain how to get a referral from your GP, or if it’s more convenient, book you in for a referral from our onsite GP’s before your first appointment. Clients love that with us they can sort out their Medicare referral and first therapy session, same place same time.