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Cognitive Training

At RewireMe, we offer cognitive training for all levels of staff, management and leadership. We use the motivational techniques of coaching methodology and scientific research to help people take control of their thinking, beliefs and behavioural outcomes. Work is full of ups and downs—if you do not exert control over how you interpret and handle these events, you may find yourself languishing in the 'down' and not fully capitalising on the 'up'. You can train your brain to perform better. 

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We also offer a range of wellbeing workshops aimed at providing up-to-date research combined with practical experiences delivered to suit your company’s way of doing business. We collaborate with managers to understand their business goals and to design practical, engaging and relevant workshops. Depending on requirements, workshops can be singular or part of a dedicated wellbeing series aimed at boosting employees’ understanding and mastery in areas such as motivation, resilience, conflict management and relationship management.