Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions manage the relationship between you and RewireMe Psychologists. The Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy apply to you as a visitor to the RewireMe website. Any information submitted to RewireMe will be collected by RewireMe in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Bookings, Confirmations & Cancellations

1.1 A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel appointments to avoid cancellation fees. Our cancellation fees are as follows:

  • 48+ hours notice: No Fee

  • 0–48 hours notice: Full Fee

This policy supports us in keeping appointments available for clients that need them.


First Consultation Booking Confirmation

2.1 Tentative bookings cannot be made. This policy supports us in keeping appointments available for clients that need them.



3.1 RewireMe accepts MasterCard, Visa and Eftpos. When you complete an online payment, funds will be deducted from your credit card account.

3.3 All prices quoted are in AU dollar.


Refund Policy

4.1 Payment to confirm online bookings are refundable provided 48 hours notice was given.

4.2 No refund will be payable if a minimum of 48 hours notice isn’t given.

4.3 Each transaction shall be subject to the specific Terms and Conditions that were in place at the time of the transaction.



5.1 By using the RewireMe Website you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

5.2 RewireMe’s Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. You should check this page periodically to ensure that you are aware of our latest Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy

The following describes the Privacy Policy of RewireMe Psychologists for the management of any client personal information. The psychological service provided is bound by the legal requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).


Psychological Service

As part of providing our psychological service to you it may be necessary to collect and record personal information. The information gathered is part of our assessment, diagnosis and treatment. It enables your psychologist to provide a relevant and informed psychological service.



All personal information gathered by the psychologist during the provision of the psychological service will remain confidential and secure except where:

1. It is subpoenaed by a court

2. Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk

There may be times where, as part of the assessment and therapy process. It may be helpful for your psychologist to liaise with other people or agencies that are relevant to your goals. Additional consent forms will be requested in these instances. Please note that if you intend to claim rebates from Medicare or another organisation then your psychologist must provide summary reports to your referring specialist regarding your treatment progress. Under the Medicare scheme these reports will be sent to your GP or psychiatrist.


How Client Information is Collected

A client’s personal information is collected in a number of ways before, during or after psychological consultation with RewireMe including: when the client provides information directly to RewireMe using hardcopy forms, correspondence via email or through RewireMe’s website; when the client interacts directly with their psychologist and RewireMe employees such as the receptionist; when other health practitioners provide personal information to RewireMe via referrals, correspondence and medical reports.


Requests for Access and Correction to Client Information

At any stage clients may request to see and correct the personal information about them kept on file. The psychologist may discuss the contents with them and/or give them a copy, subject to the exceptions in the Privacy Act 1988 (ct.). If satisfied that personal information is inaccurate, out of date or incomplete, reasonable steps will be taken in the circumstances to ensure that this information is corrected. All requests by clients for access to or correction of personal information held about them should be lodged with RewireMe. These requests will be responded to in writing within 28 days, and an appointment will be made if necessary for clarification purposes.