Wherever you are, we got you.

We can support you from the comfort of your couch, or cabana. Online therapy is a great option if you live internationally, travel often, or would just feel more comfortable in your own space.

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VSee is a free video telemedicine chat platform. It works much like Skype, however VSee has been specifically developed to facilitate medical consultations. It has added security features and enables easy document sharing between client and specialist. VSee is the video chat platform used by NASA to keep their astronauts healthy. 



Skype is a free video chat platform. The beauty of Skype lies in its brand familiarity. Many people know of Skype and may already have it set up on their computer. In terms of privacy and security, it has less 'armour' than VSee, but we know you may prefer to use a system you already know. Choose the platform that suits you best!


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Online Sessions For Couples

We recommend that couples attend a face-to-face session before transitioning to our online sessions. We find that group facilitation and mediation works better in person. Thus, for couples, our online sessions are used to compliment face-to-face sessions.