Performing Under Pressure


Poor students. It's exam time and I sympathise with your pain. I would love you to knock those pesky deadlines out of the park. So HERE is a fantastic (science-based, pop-psychology-free) list of strategies to help you perform at your peak.

Student days behind you? These also apply to high pressure times at work. For an extra edge cast your eyes over my strategy for handling our favourite cognitive stimulate - caffeine.

Put the redbulls down

You're worn out. You're tired. You want your mind clear so you throw back that third RedBull/coffee and bam! Great times. Until the caffeine hit crashes away.. and all you're left with is anxiety, a pounding heart and a pissed off gut.

Overloading on caffeine does give you a lift, but it also puts your nervous system on high alert. This can be felt as mind clouding stress/anxiety which tends to stay around much longer than the high. Didn't you just slug back five espressos to gain laser focus?

Solution. Have caffeine, but only one - max two, servings. If it agrees with you, the right level of caffeine will boost mental performance without anxiety kickback.

Extra points if you time your Redbull/coffee fix for 1pm when your brain benefits most from the pick me up (circadian rhythm biohacking anyone?).

Go get em baby.